Justin Grady


Paul Mitchell Schools

March 2020 | New site build

Paul Mitchell Schools is a dual server setup running 'headless Wordpress' with a parent site with about 200 child sites, one for each school location across the country. Built several content modules including the Instagram feed, photo and content galleries, alumni profiles, event page layout, and custom phone number management in backend with data from legacy CMS. During the front end work used custom SCSS, JavaScript, and compiled using a Webpack taskrunner and JS linter.

Drive Peasy

Ongoing product development

Wordpress built site utilizing Advanced Custom Fileds (ACF) for custom content. Front-end codebase is Zurb Foundation while using a Webpack taskrunner to build CSS from SCSS/SASS source files and to compile minified javascript. Reworked hero area with two phone and 'with parking' badge, built lower area features table for desktop and mobile devices.


Standalone microsite development

Wordpress built micro site utilizing Advanced Custom Fileds (ACF) for custom content. Front-end codebase is Zurb Foundation while using a Webpack taskrunner to build CSS from SCSS/SASS source files and to compile minified javascript. Site was delivered static to the client for integration into their main website.

Elevated Home Blog for Elevation Solar

November 2019 | New site build

Standalone Wordpress built blog site and complement the ElevationSolar.com brand. Frontend is built using Bootstrap 4 with a Webpack taksrunner for SCSS and javascript.

MobilizeAZ | Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

New and ongoing product development

Added new areas to the site such as Medicated Assisted Treatment, site updates, and took the initiative to reconcile code across dev, stage, and production servers.

Crain Communications

January 2016 — July 2019 | New and ongoing product development

Perform new product development and ongoing work on four specialty news based web properties with a New York based team. Technolgies include Newscycle Unified (Saxotech), responsive markup, custom built javascript, custom circulation and paywalls. The goals of this work is easier newsroom workflow, revenue generation, and streamlining the delivery of high quality journalism to online readers.

Pensions and Investments Events React app for Crain Communications

July 2019 | New and ongoing product development

Performed extensive reworking of a React based events app. Data for this is fed by a CodeIgniter built API which provides a JSON feed. The React app then parses that JSON data for user interaction.

HitchSource.com | Redesign for responsive viewing on mobile devices

June 2017 | New and ongoing product development

Complete redesign and reskin of the HitchSource.com e-commerce website. HitchSource.com utilizes the osCommerce online merchant platform which is built in PHP. Using a design chosen by the client a complete custom markup was developed using Twitter Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome, and custom javascript. Custom account and shopping cart functionality was built out to assist in better customer conversion and sales.

Bend Homes | Central Oregon real estate vertical

April 2016

Real estate vertical portal for the Bend Oregon market. BendHomes.com features live data updates from Cental Oregon Association of Realtors which uses a RETS/Rapatonni API endpoint. A custom middleware layer was built using the PHRETS open source PHP library as a starting point and built to fully automate property data importation into the main Wordpress infrastructure. BendHomes.com can be managed by internal staff for featured homes and for selling advertising packages. Hosted on Amazon Web Services at the Oregon datacenter.

NCS ExportRunner data parser

October 2013

A one time use application to transport and transform 250,000 news articles and article images from a legacy CMS to a new one. App parses NITF XML, encodes it correctly to UTF-8, stored, and then new taxonomy was applied to each article from a custom built taxonomy matching table. Built using the CodeIgniter PHP framework.

Center for Community Change "Building the Power of Many" fundraising sub-site

October 2005

Website created for fundraising event. Designed and coded site. Use of CSS for site layout, using tables when necessary. Page customization using PHP. Used Get Active donation module for payment shopping cart. Supported by Get Active e-mail marketing.

Actions Speak Louder

April 2005

Designed and coded website, extensive use of PHP and CSS. Site was created to help CCC put a message out they were concerned about the FY'2006 Federal budget. Components include Weblog, Get Active advocacy, and deep background on the Federal Budget.